Statute of the Research Fund MAMIF

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The research Fund MAMIF is a scientific independent organization, consolidating the students, post-graduate students, young teachers of philological and historical faculties of the Russian Federation institute of higher education.

Nowadays MAMIF includes the students, post-graduate students, young teachers of philological and historical faculties of The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute, Moscow State Pedagogical University, St.Tikhon's Orthodox University, Moscow State University, Moscow City Pedagogical university, Moscow State Regional University, Jaroslavl State University, Volgograd State Pedagogical University, Tatar State Liberal Pedagogical University, Kazan State University, Samara State Teachers' Training University, Taganrog State Pedagogical Institute are part of MAMIF.

The research Fund MAMIF is a public organization, ready to admit in its ranks representatives of different colleges institute of higher education, having philological faculties and wishing to cooperate with the Association.

The basic organization of MAMIF, the central Counsil,  is in the building of the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute.

The decision of MAMIF formation was accepted at All-Russian scientific-practical conference Philological science in the XXI-st century: youngs view in November 2003. The Association birthday is considered to be the 1-st of December 2003 (The Day of the Constituent Assembly of MAMIF).

The main Association authority is the Central Council of MAMIF. It consists of: the Chairman of MAMIF, the vice-chairmen, the academic Secretary, the officials of the Association activity, the directors and Moscow offices representatives.

Aims and tasks:

1. Supporting students and post-students in their participant in All-Russian and International conferences on actual historical and philological problems.

2. Rendering students assistance in gaining their researching skills, and ability to present their results, to defend their views in the scientific discussion.

3. Keeping up an acquaintance of students and post-students with modern scientific publications, and scholars of our time.

4. The formation students' and post-students' skills of literary-critic activity.

The main directions of the work:

1. Participation in the organization of scientific conferences:

-   Philological science in the XXI century: youngs view (MTTSU);

-  Saint-Filaret readings ( Patriarch yard in the church of archistatige Mikhail in Troparevo);

-  Kirill-Mefodian readings (The Pushkin State Russian Language Institute)*.

*The last two conferences assume the work of the historical and philological sections.

2. Organization of the work of the scientific study groups in actual problems of modern philological science.

-seminar in history and modern status of the Russian language;

-seminar in actual problems of literature;

-Historical and philological seminar in Orthodox culture (history, philology, culture, sociology, political science);

-seminar in French culture (history, language, literature);

-seminar in Interaction of cultures: Russian and Tatar interconnections (historical and philological aspects). 

3. Organization of MAMIF members' participation in the regional conferences.

4. Organization and realization of the intercollegiate Clubs conferences Faces of philological (historical) science.

5. Organization and realization Literary-critical reception-room.

6. Organization of Clubs work Philosophical dialogues (discussion of the presents actual questions)*

*At present tense the following meetings of the club have been held: An intellectual today, Is morality out of date?, The hero of our time: who is he? and Romantics and pragmatics today.

7. Organization and realization of scientific editions in different problems of historical and philological science presentation.

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